Saturday, September 22, 2012

YES I am LATE!!!!!
Very very late for an important date.
Remember these?
Well today is NOT the 15th.It is about a week later and these Emeralds are yelling at me to send them to a good home.
So I went back and looked at the number of comments and there was 31.
Put that range into the number generator and Bingo.....
Comment number 18 was chosen.....
The winner is Gretchen,

I will be in touch with you for a shipping address.Thank you to all for being a part of my give away.
I'll be back to regular postings after the end of the month. A few bits of life keep tripping me up and I need to get that back under control.
Love and Hugs


  1. I had to go and look to see if there was another wonderful is this? thank you both so very much! I already know where I am going to wear them, too. I just am surprised and amazed!

  2. A HUGE congratulations to Gretchen for this incredible win!
    You're going to look like a million bucks when wearing this beauty ^.^

  3. Congrats gretchen!! Wow lucky's a gorgeous set!

    Beautiful job Tanya


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