Sunday, October 14, 2012

I got beads LOL

A couple of little baggies.
Loads of different sizes, glass, lucite, brass, some mixed gems, wood and plastic.Lots of bits.

So what to make.
I sat with my torch and made about 200 brass pins and then beat a clasp out of some wire. All metals used are Brass.
With a few extra little seedies to use as spacers I came up with a lovely set that is bright and Fall coloured.
 A three piece set
 Cute little earrings with a Brass lever back hook
 Necklace measures approx 20 inches.
Bracelet measures approx 8 inches and has to sit a little looser due the the dangles.

This is a set I would like to auction off for cancer research. I had a PET CT scan about 3 weeks ago.I have 3 major sites of cancer.One on the stomach, one on the uterus and one in my lower left leg. As cancer is not an easy disease I want to help raise some funds. I am happy to take bids until 31st Oct, the highest bidder makes the donation to which ever cancer research place and sends me a copy of the payment with shipping address. Then I will post. Lets start bidding at $10.
This way you get a lovely set and a tax deduction as well.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the hop.
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Love and hugs


  1. What a fun and colorful set. I love what you did. Sorry I can't bid at the moment. My best to you though.

    1. Thanks Ginger.It was a challenge with some of them because they are so varied LOL But I had fun and it works.Love and hugs

  2. Tanya, you join too many of my friends & relatives fighting (and increasingly defeating) the big C. Sending lots of positive thoughts and healing white light and, just to start things rolling, a bid of $15. Leslie

  3. Tanya, you join too many of my friends and relatives battling (but increasingly beating) the big C. Sending positive thoughts and lots of healing white light, and, just to get things rolling, a bid for $15-.
    Hope you have American-level cancer treatments available there. Leslie

    1. Thanks Leslie. It will all work out one way or another. Love and hugs to all

  4. I love how you used the large orange flowers. I have them too and I have beeb looking for a way to use them. I may have just found it. Well done!

    1. I thought about earrings but I think they work well at the ends as focals. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.Love and hugs Tanya

  5. You got beads indeed! Way to make them all work together. I can see you have no fear. I Love that! Great finished pieces. I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through &sending healing thoughts and prayers.

    1. Fear is a four letter word LOL. I sat with the beads and asked them and as I sat my hands moved and it all flowed. It was one of the easiest pieces in a long time..I think it was just itching to get out LOL Love and hugs Tanya

  6. Tayna - You did a great job! I love the bright multicolored bracelet especially. The turquoise focal is very eye catching. I know what you mean about a design "itching to get out". Sometimes I don't "listen to my beads", so they have to shout at me - lol. Thanks for participating in the hop - thoughts and prayers are being sent you way.

  7. Hi Tanya,
    Those are beautiful pieces you did a great job on using your bead soup mix from Lisa's bead table. I will up the bid to $20.00

  8. This is wonderful, Tanya! You've made a beautiful set. Love the brass and the punchy colours. Someone will be very happy with this.

  9. You have amazing spirit and I send you all the healing and strengthening thoughts I can! Your set is gorgeous and I know when those beads take control it does just flow!

  10. Tanya, you made such a lovely set!! I'm so sorry to hear what's been going on for you - sending many happy thoughts and hugs! I lost a beautiful niece to cancer 3 years ago (she was my Sweet Girl) & now my sister has a run every year to raise money for families that are battling cancer, to help ease the burden a bit. I bid $50 and if I'm chosen, I will donate the money to cancer research and give my sister your lovely set to use in their raffle. You can check them out at - I was able to attend this year and they raised $15,000 to help families in their community. Cancer sucks! You've got a great community here that supports you!!

  11. Those are all truly stunning Tanya! You, my friend, are one very talented woman. And generous to boot! I wish I could have the ability to donate to the cause, but I wish you nothing but luck with this venture :)

  12. A lovely set. Such happy colors dancing together!


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