Thursday, March 22, 2012

A much better day today.
Ok so the movies of my items going out...That hallucination lol
I want to feature some pieces here and then I am going to put them into an FB store. It is a good place to start. I am also wanting to feature pieces from other artists and to find lovely bits that all can talk about. Places, people and things that we can add our support to.
The NGO funding got a small boost today when we made a small sale on This is an auction house style site and boy it is fun. So many beautiful pieces in a whole lot of categories and prices are good. Bidding is fast and furious and if you stop to chat you can get sidelined and miss out on the piece you were wanting so you need to stay focused.
The piece we sold today was this lovely set.
The lady got a bargain and it has finally been sent off to it's new home. I am happy, she is happy and I have found new friends and a new fun way to promote.
This is green Quartz and Picture Jasper set with Sterling silver and pale lemon yellow seed beads. It was first made about 6 years ago and has been remade 3 times since. I am glad it has finally gone on it's way.
Rescued and Reskilled has now gotten its first real funds as well and I am so happy to know that it will happen. One piece at a time until we get the needed monies for registration and then we can make it snow ball into the organisation we want it to grow into.
More about the ideas of the NGO tomorrow.
Love and hugs to all

Monday, March 19, 2012

Well today was a sleepy flu kind of day.Makes doing much a huge chore and so I slept a lot.Not really productive for business.
Fusion Muse is a mixture of ideas so I watched another one come into play today.
I only watched it because I was stuck in bed with a sore throat and body aches.LOL What fun.
I think I was kind of dreaming in that half awake half sleep mode when I "saw" in my minds eye the whole business model unroll and begin to work.A bit like a film.
I saw my pieces going to new homes and I saw the people getting them being really really happy with them.
I am going to have a give away.
What to give to you all?
I will have a think.
Tomorrow I will unveil it.Maybe tonight while I sleep it will become even more clear.
In the meantime this is a quick snap shot of my little friends who came to play while I was sleeping.They really are cute.

Talk soon

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today I sat and worked on new ways to make this all tick.
I read a lot of blogs, watched a couple of videos on marketing and promotion and then played on new selling site.
I learnt today that even in auctions that people will not always like your pieces and if you are not 100% in favour of the piece then dont bother. Let me show you.
This is a lovely piece of handbag jewelry.I made it for a show in New York last November that was a total disaster from the get go. It is a really wonderful chunk of Pink tourmaline (quite an expensive stone these days) with black crystals and a a few dangles.The big round white disc reminds me of a full moon and the Fine silver ring has dream stamped on it.The black wings are there to help you fly to reach your dreams.The sturdy key chain attachment means you can use it as a key ring instead if you wish.All the other metals are Fine or Sterling Silver.
This is not a great photo.I can see this clearly. I used it because I really am not attached to the outcome of this piece any longer.
The sadness and disappointment at it having to come back from the US instead of going to a new home has coloured my outlook on all the pieces that were made. There were more than 100 sets and individual pieces that went.The ones that I havent given away already are safely stored in a drawer.I am working up courage to get them out and to work with them again.
So this really lovely piece is a steal at $15 and yet it still is with me.I am going to dismantle it I think and remake it into something new.I am feeling I may just do that with the rest of the collection.Either that or build a whole new story around each piece.That is a thought.One I will sit with for a little while and then work on it more.
So if anyone would like this piece please email me and let me know before Monday as that will be the day it goes under the cutters and is transformed.
Please remember that all profits are going towards the NGO we are setting up and every dollar helps.More about the NGO at a later time.
Love and Hugs

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This has been an idea in the making for some time now.
I have had it in the back of my mind to make a way to show the world my lovely pieces, talk about inspirations, techniques and share what I can.I also hope that this will be a platform for people to get to know my work and it is my hope that sales can begin to happen also.
Fusion Muse is a concept that has grown from a simple idea and hopefully will grow large enough to support a small community. It is my intention to have monies from the items we sell go towards an NGO to help those who have been trafficked, traded or been subject to sexploitation. Our aim is to reskill and retrain these people and to give them a future where they can work in various industries and be independent. As part of the postings here I want to present my work, their work (once we are established) and share the successes as we go.I am excited to have finally begun.
So on Day 1 I have introduced us.Now onwards and moving forwards.
Love and hugs to all