Monday, September 3, 2012

This is a community service announcement.
In appreciation of all the Love and Care and support I have received from all I am announcing my give away winners......
Got you all there for a moment LOL
So what was I giving away?
Ah yes Soup pieces. Wood set and a Skull bracelet.
Preview again....

Wood wood....who won the wood?
A Polymer Penchant your number was chosen.
Please contact me with details for mailing out. 

And the Skull.
It was a first to use any threads and I love the one that Amy Of Torch by Night Lampwork sent me.To see her awesome Bollywood style beads you need to go here.

The Skull again.... (cause I really like it LOL )

 Oops thats a bunny...wrong pic

Ah thats better.
Miss  Creative Moon you are the winner of this one. Please let me know your addy for shipping.

And that is all for today.
I will be drawing Emeralds on 15th (60 carats with Sterling silver check out  the post if you havent already entered) and I am going to sort some new stuff in the next days as well. I have to find my head first LOL.
Love and hugs


  1. Congratulations to the winners, and hope you're feeling a lot better this week Tanya!

  2. How exciting! what a treat to be the lucky one!

  3. Oh please, oh please, oh please tell me I won the bunnies! Hehe ;)

    Congratulations to both lucky winners of your lovely giveaways-I can't wait to see what else you've got in store for us for the future :)

    Hope you're doing well! Lots of love and light to you my dear friend!

    1. I have one bunny left if you want her.I am thinking it will be a long long plane ride though LOL Doing ok these days. Thanks for asking.Love and hugs Tanya

  4. Congrats to both winners. Hope you have a much better week. Love the bunnies. Hugs. Gerre

  5. Congrats to your winnder! :) What a sweet pic of the bunnies!!!!

  6. Congrats to the winners, on a side note I need you to send me your email for the pay it forward-handmade.

  7. Woot! I got my bracelet today - in fact, wearing it right now, and I LOVE it!!! =) Thank you soooo much, Tanya!!! =)


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