Monday, July 23, 2012

I have been greatly saddened by so many passing and so many young ones being taken of late.
I want to give some sort of be there in some hold a a be allowed to show I care. Know that feeling?

This is NOT a nice feel good topic so if you want to please just close the page and come back again another day. Having said that I want to share what I CAN do.

I have so many pretties sitting in plastic baggies waiting patiently for me to list or to sell or do something with and it occurred to me that with something I have sitting I can help someone who needs some support.

I am acquaintances with the lovely fellow who owns the Sinarin Silver web site. He and his wife lost two out of three of their triplets about two weeks ago.The third little fellow is in the ICU and will possibly be there for about another 6 weeks. ICU is expensive when you have little or no insurance.

So how do these things connect?

I am going to give away this set of Rubies and Pearls (approx100 carats of Rubies and rows of Freshwater Seed pearls all set in Sterling silver) to one of you. It has a retail value of $1400. The rubies are actually more red in person.My pics do leave a lot to be desired I am afraid to say but who ever get this set will not be disappointed.It took me about 3 weeks to make.

The SET.
The necklace measures approx 30 inches at the longest strand and the shortest one is about 24 inches. The Earrings are lever back sterling silver hooks and measure approx 2 inches from the curve of the hook to the end of the longest part.

Why is she doing this? Because I can.

How do I get in the give away ? 
There are a few ways.
1. Go and check out the web page and choose your favourite. Come back and comment here. (That's one entry)
2. Buy something and come back and comment here ( That is technically two entries cause you visited and purchased.)
3. Share the link.(please tell me in the comments where you did and that can be another entry for you)
4. Write a quick post on your blog about the site (this is a 5 entry thing because it will go out there so much further) and come back and comment here please.

I will run this until August 15th to give you all some time to play.The more entries the more chance you get to win this lovely set. The winner will be randomly chosen.

Ready Set Go......
Love and hugs


  1. Bless the family. It's so sad when a baby dies, and to lose two at once... I am crying. I hope the medical staff can save the third little one. I know they will make every effort.

    ICU staff saved me in 1999. I too did not have insurance. I did qualify as a charity case, and my debt was waived. I know the economy has changed since then and there may be less available options, yet I would still suggest to the family that they check about their hospital's policy on such matters.

    I will keep them in my prayers, as many people did for me, when I was so ill. Bless them all very much!

    Regards, Peg Fisher

  2. I like the 17 mm Rectangular Lozenge Bead.

  3. I have now shared. (And tagged you in the post)

  4. I shared this publicly on facebook.

  5. Wow... Lots of goodies at the site... I had a hard time picking just one, but I do love the 20 mm Oval Prakeuam Bead. But may buy something from the silver plated copper..

  6. I just made a purchase for the A08N: 31 mm Long Prakeuam Beads. Have a great idea for them. After next week though I will be buys a bunch more.. Love love love the beads.

  7. I did blog about your give away.. Here is the link...

    thanks bunches.

  8. Oh Tanya, I struggle for the words.. to lose two, I'm so very sorry to hear this news. I hope their child in the NICU is fighting hard and I will be keeping this baby in my thoughts. This touches me so since I very nearly lost my own little girl who came early. I've visited their site which is so full of goodies. I'm going to take my time to review, look at where I could fit some designs in with my own beads and plan a purchase. I've pinned one item that struck me right away and you know right now I think the
    B60N - 17 mm Round Prakeuam Bead - Price: $2.15 is challenging as my favourite.

    It's so generous and kind of you to spread the word and host such an incredible giveaway. I'll see if I can get a blog post together with some resources and spread the word to the preemie community - they may not be bead buyers but their collective well wishing is strong too.

  9. Hi again, Here is the post I've written
    I'm off to share it with the preemie community hoping to spread the word further. Thanks for your help with the details

  10. I hope this giveaway helps your friend's family, Tanya. I've decided to put my name in the hat. Thank you for doing this.

    My favourite item is A47N 20 mm Cylindrical Prakeuam Bead. I love the pattern on those, but there are so many beautiful beads to choose from.

  11. I've blogged here

  12. And shared on my facebook (as you know!).

  13. I will return. I came here because I was so curious about you, Tanya, and now I see what AN AMAZING person you are! I am afraid I didn't get enough sleep last night and need a rest first, but I wanted you to know that I think you are remarkable.
    Healing light and love for your dear friends.
    I am so sorry to hear about this terribly sad loss they have been enduring, but that one little guy they have in the ICU is a treasure and I will be praying for him!

    xox jean

  14. I wanted to second what Jean said. You are a very wonderful and thoughful person! I'm praying for the family and their new son.

    It's hard to choose my favorite thing from the site, they have lots of good stuff. My favorites are D22N 20 mm Diamond Prakeuam Bead and H13 11 mm Semicircular Prakeuam Bead.

  15. I just blogged about this. I hope it helps.

  16. I feel so much for them and pray that all goes well with their third triplet and they are all home together happy and healthy soon.
    News like this makes me so thankful for our NHS here in the UK and even when it is bad, you know you can always get help.

    My favourite item is teh one pictured in the the link:

    H01N: 34 mm Semicircular Prakeuam Bead
    Gorgeous - I'm off to buy some now - i'll be back when i've done that x

  17. I'm kinda liking J20N 13 mm Rectangular Prakeuam Bead :)

  18. And I've just shared on my page on facebook too

  19. And I blogged about it here

  20. I am so sorry for your friend's loss and am sending out energy to the universe to help the healing of the little boy.

    Your friends have an incredible site with great prices. I am only sorry that it is between paydays. I am in love with the 27 mm Dumbell Prakeuam Beads.

  21. I share this post on FB

  22. I blogged out the giveaway.

  23. I will blogged out the giveaway and share on my facebook page. I will come back again. I had a quick look of the website. Love some copper plated beads.

  24. I blogged the giveaway and share on FB and also sent the link to some friends. We pray for the baby and family. what a wonderful website they have. I might buy something from them, love the copper plated and E22: 16 mm Tapered Prakeuam Bead.
    I will come back again. Bless your heart.

  25. Heartbreaking to hear about the family's loss. I'm really glad they have friends like you to help and support them. As for the giveaway, do we really have to pick favourites when it comes to the beads? I kinda liked them all :-). But the semi-circle beads spoke to me most - yes, ALL of them.

  26. I was sure I had commented, but it appears I did not. I not only visited the website, I shopped too - beautiful items and great value - I also blogged here: and I shared on Facebook - and am about to again! :D

  27. I ordered E12N: 44 mm Prakeuam Dangle, H12N: 30 mm Semicircular Prakeuam Bead and C11N: 30 mm Triangular Prakeuam Bead by the way, I love them all, but my favourite on the site was C10
    30 mm Triangular Prakeuam Bead, but they were out of stock!

  28. I just placed my order, it was very hard to limit myself because they have such wonderful items at great value. Some of my choices
    J51: 7 mm Cylindrical Prakeuam Bead
    J22N: 15 mm Cylindrical Prakeuam Bead
    J34: 15 mm Cylindrical Prakeuam Bead
    E36N: 18 mm Half-Dumbell Prakeuam Bead
    E22: 16 mm Tapered Prakeuam Bead
    PCR120A: 12 mm Round Bead.
    J38N: 12 mm Cylindrical Prakeuam Bead

  29. Wow, beautiful, beautiful beads! How could I possibly choose just one? If I must, I'll choose the H33N. I like the little flower design on it.

    I will keep the family in my thoughts, and hope the little babe remains strong. This is such a kind thing you are doing for them.

  30. It breaks my heart to read of the loss of such tiny little lives - I do pray that the little baby goes from strength to strength and please send the family our love. They have a great friend in you and I believe in Karma and good will come around again.

    I have some blue crystals and a couple of pairs of earrings so far in my cart. I adore the onyx elephant but would struggle to know how to string him with so many holes in him. He'd be great with just one hole for a pendant or no holes so that he could be mounted on a bail or be used for a pin/brooch or for a bag clasp - lots of things. My absolute favourite is the IG004 - I can see so many pictures in it - and it's so original.


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