Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free Beads for blogging is going great guns and I am happy to say all five spots were filled last week.
Yes I am late again. My head and a little bit of life got in the way.Let me explain.
Suglite Cab

This lovely stone as cut for me by an inexperienced cutter who unfortunately cut the rough the wrong way to get the best colour. This is one of the rejects and looks a little black when not in full sun but has divine purple colour otherwise. I have this and few more if you are interested email me.
So I was introduced to a new guy.....Well he promised me as part of the contract we made he would only cut the rest of the rough to get the best colour out of the stone that was left. I figured there was about 20-40 carats of colour in the stones I left him with. I was excited because Sugilite is a beautiful stone and quite rare and expensive. I went back when they rang to say they were done and he had cut all the rough and ALL the stones were black.Only one had a streak of colour that was in the middle and NO purple in the others. I told him I was not paying and he suggested he recut it for me to see if there was anyway to improve on his work. I told him not to bother but he did anyway.

So I went back and now even the one that had colour has no colour and this man wants me to pay $1.20 a carat for cutting.There is about 500 carats in the bundle. I refuse because he still hasnt done what he said he would do and I left.
This was about 2 weeks ago. Since then the phone has not been quiet and the threats started so I went to the police to sort it all. Truth has prevailed and he is in trouble if he doesnt leave me alone. 
The biggest problem was that the stress set me off.My head has had really bad days and I was not able to focus on anything more complex than a simple FB posting for many days. Sleep was had but it didnt help much. I think the last giveaway blog post was the biggest thing I did in a short while (check that out too and go in the draw for the Rubies and Pearls). So now I am back on track.
Oh and we had baby bunnies.Will post about them another day. 

Here are the winners from last week. This weeks will be announced on Sunday and cut off day for this week is today. If you have tried before and want to still be in the running then please comment on a post  and I will put you in the draw for the week. Fair's fair. 

So who this time? 

Beti of Stringing Fool  
Her pieces are lovely and here is a peek.

Tammie of TTE Designs 
Wow her pieces just jump off the page. 

Linda does other crafts not just Jewelery 

And Amanda of AWJewelry
With her lovely pieces and such helpful Tutes.  

And last but not least 

Go and check out her page for giveaways and fun as well.

Ok all from me for today.I will catch up more soon.Got a web page to complete for the first Bead soup reveal and that is FUN FUN FUN.
Love and hugs


  1. Ugh, sounds like have really been given the runaround -- glad it's looking like it's been sorted now.

    And yes, I'd love another chance at getting free beads! One of these days it'll be my lucky week!

  2. Tanya, sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation with the stone cutter :-(
    I am looking forward to receiving my beads for blogging and I appreciate you posting my blog banner. ~warm regards, Tammie

  3. Thanks Tanya! I go by Stringing fool, but right now I have no shop, so it is not a big deal!

  4. Sheesh! Some people!!! So many people would bend over backwards for that kind of order (work is hard to come by these days) and I can't believe he would be so dismissive of your request, do his own thing and then DEMAND payment for it? Sorry for the headaches....

  5. Hi Tanya, just wanted to say "Thanks" for your lovely comment on my whiny post of a few days back :-). It just made my day~you have no idea!
    Now I hope it's my turn to send a big hug your way...while not for the same reasons, I've had those sleepless nights with the frantic thoughts running this way and that.
    Here there is someone sending white light for you!

  6. I just found your blog and wanted to say how awful it is that someone who is supposed to be a craftsman would behave the way this guy did, how sad. I'm so sorry you lost all your beautiful stone. (((hugs))) I hope things get better for you soon! Good on you for sticking to your guns and not paying the troll.

  7. Oh sweetie, I'm soo sorry you had such a lousy time with the cutter. Praying the police will solve the problem, and praying calm for your head. Some good news for you is I finally got your package in the mail yesterday, and there is a surprise in it, so now you can anticipate! :)

    I can't believe I missed out on the beads for blogging again! Please stick me in with the next group, k? Hugs girl!!

  8. Hope something can be done about the way the cutter treated you.
    Will check out all the bloggers and their beading. Hope to get to play soon.


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